About this office

For the past twenty years this office has been located in Hamburg, a city which, as far as foreign representatives or consulates are concerned, is surpassed only by Hong Kong and New York. Hamburg is considered as Germany's "Gate to the World". So it seems appropriate to concentrate on legal problems which may arise when German and foreign laws meet.

Over the past years this office has been contacted by foreign companies or persons who need individual advice as far as various questions on German law are concerned. On the other hand our clients are German companies or persons, who try to find a legally sound basis for their partners abroad, and for this reason demand legal advice in questions of international law.

This office is committed to solving arising and foreseeable legal problems, if possible in an extrajudicial way, in order to avoid expensive international lawsuits beforehand, but also, if necessary, to going to law according to the respective proceedings.

Attorney Eckhard Rabeneick is the Principal of this office and endeavours to meet the demands for advice and representation of clients from all over the world at the highest possible level.